Asset Management

Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate, Inc. is uniquely able to serve investors who require professional property management services.

However, large organizations can become bureaucratic—not so with the Pennsylvania Commercial advantage.  Our clients have one point of contact thereby maintaining continuity and providing an effortless service for the client’s management needs.  Decisions are made locally and in concert with the property owner.  No detail is too small for us to handle.

Management of investment grade real estate is no longer simply about keeping the building “up and running.”  Asset Management is now an ever-changing, fluid discipline that depends on technical know-how, experience and speed-to-market.  Equipment and operating systems are sophisticated, and require expert engineering to maximize efficiency.  Accounting and management information systems provide a level of property information never before seen in the industry.

As an investor, reliable and accurate information is often needed at a moment’s notice.  That’s why it is so critical to have all of the personnel who may need to be consulted for virtually any management situation available locally.  The investor stays as involved in their property’s management as they would like.  Regardless of their level of involvement, their property still receives prompt, efficient and effective service.

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