Tenant Representation

As a Tenant/Buyer representative, Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate, Inc. is committed to establishing and maintaining a professional approach to office and industrial leasing—an approach that is keenly developed around the client’s best interests.

The successful representation of tenants and buyers requires a great deal more than simply knowing the real estate market.  At Pennsylvania Commercial, we make every effort to thoroughly understand our client’s requirements and their objectives – before real estate negotiations begin, not while they are in progress.  Only then can we consider all of the alternatives available and offer the most meaningful service.

Upon achieving a thorough understanding of a client’s requirement, our Tenant Representation services establish a blueprint of the requirement through the architectural programming process.  Specific needs and requirements of the client are reduced to a Request For Proposed (“RFP”).  Responses to the RFP are analyzed based on the client’s specific criteria.  After proposals are received and analyzed through financial modeling, negotiations commence leading toward the execution of a lease and occupancy of the preferred location.

The Buyer Representation process involves a comprehensive site search and evaluation of all alternative sites or buildings meeting the client’s criteria.  A thorough analysis, negotiation and selection process provides our clients with total market knowledge so an informed decision can be made.