Good Relationships, Good Business
Our space needs were minimal (8,000 sq. ft.) by comparison to.say.a conglomerate. Yet our “need” seemed to be more important than the size of the “deal”. I have to say, Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate, Inc. has delivered more than I thought possible. It’s easy to see why-Bob Cornell is one of the great “relationship” people in the business, and that makes all the difference to a person like me.

–Dave Segall, General Manager – DLS Electronics, LLC

Principals and Principles
It basically comes down to the people/principals of Pennsylvania Commercial. We enjoy working with Jon Harrigan and Greg Black and have the utmost respect for their knowledge and expertise.  They have a thorough knowledge of the current market, are wired in to available properties, and they bring a powerful business acumen to the table.  Plus, they’re a couple of really nice guys!

–David Hartman, Executive VP/General Manager – Production Masters, Inc.

Delivering On Promise
What I appreciated most about Pennsylvania Commercial was their expertise, experience and knowledge of all facets of the real estate market. We were able to spell out our need to investigate all options for our firm: move within town, out of town, build new, or stay put. Pennsylvania Commercial brought thoroughly researched alternatives to the table, including a proposal we accepted.

–Mike Somerhalder, Legal Administrator – Wayman, Irvin & McAuley, LLC

Finding A Perfect Fit
As a core wire manufacturer (chemicals to enhance steel) looking for a space that kept pace with our strong business growth, we needed a partner that understood our development needs in lockstep with local, state and federal regulations. Pennsylvania Commercial found us a site, and a landlord that exceeded our expectations-so much so that we’ve consolidated our operation at one site instead of two, as was originally planned.

–Gregory Marzec, President & CEO – Affival, Inc.

The List Goes On
Where to begin? Pennsylvania Commercial operates independently of any landlord relationships, so they can objectively present the best deals as advocates for the tenants-while maintaining the respect of landlords. Their creativity in suggesting alternatives results in direct cost-saving lease provisions. And we’ve seen, firsthand, how their understanding of the full office space rental/relocation process is valuable well beyond securing a competitive lease rate.

–Keith Cameron, Executive Director – Houston Harbaugh, P.C.

More Than A Real Estate Company
To bring our U. S. Operating Center to Moon Township, we needed more than a real estate company: We needed a strategic provider that possessed a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience both locally and worldwide. Pennsylvania Commercial was an excellent choice, and through our ongoing relationship, this organization helps to guide our real estate decision-making.

–Lynne Sinal, Commodity Mgr., Purchasing & Supply NOVA Chemicals, Inc.

Responsive And Dedicated
I can’t state this emphatically enough-without Pennsylvania Commercial, we may not even BE here today. Initiative, drive, flexibility, know-how.call it whatever you like: Pennsylvania Commercial worked with us under our terms (non-exclusivity) and seemed to anticipate every need and question we were going to have. And helped clarify and simplify the entire process for each of our incoming tenants as well.

–Paul Bova, Vice President – Trafford Commerce Center

You Can’t Beat 100%
These guys are smart, creative, and they know their business. Our current location, approximately 45,000 square feet of Class A office space, is a perfect example. In a limited partnership with Pennsylvania Commercial over the last seven years, we’ve been able to keep 100 percent occupancy-100%! This is a direct result of our ability to work closely with the Pennsylvania Commercial principals.

–Jim Roberts, Chairman Emeritus – Civil & Environmental Consultants

Taking Our Business Personally
We’ve worked with the good people at Pennsylvania Commercial for over a decade. Jon Harrigan, in particular, has been-and continues to be-an accessible resource who takes a personal interest in understanding our business and real estate needs. Pennsylvania Commercial treats our business as if it were their own, and to me, there’s no greater compliment I can offer.

–Jackie Koscelnik, Partner – DeForest Koscelnik Yokitis & Kaplan